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 The government authorities have been paying greater attention to green packaging in recent years, and a number of standards related to express packaging have been issued. According to provisions in the Interim Regulations on Express Delivery, the State encourages shippers to use degradable and reusable packing materials, which are friendly to the environment.

The Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Delivery Security in the Postal Industry (the “Measures”), which took effect on February 15, 2020, also stipulates that users should avoid over packaging and reduce packaging waste in accordance with the provisions of existing laws and administrative regulations. Article 19 of the Measures stipulates that if account customers provide packaging and adhesive tape, the express delivery enterprise must inform them in writing that the packaging and adhesive tape provided must conform to the laws and regulations related to environmentally friendly packaging.

In compliance with the above regulations, FedEx hereby inform you that:
If you yourself provide the packaging and adhesive tape for shipments to be carried by FedEx, you must comply with the national laws and regulations related to environmentally friendly packaging.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as well as your contributions to our ecological and environmental protection!